More soldiering for me!

I had a brilliant time working with Prime Theatre on The 11th Hour by none other than the writer of Horrible Histories, Terry Deary. A particular highlight was performing in the beautiful Bolton Museum and an intimate performance on the Wyvern Theatre stage in my home town of Swindon.

One of the songs at the end of the show was When This Lousy War is Over with the line "no more soldiering for me". Well, I've been a major turncoat and have transformed from a WW1 German soldier into the WW2 Southern American D-day hero, Lt John Spalding.

I've had a super time filming down in Kent for the episode, which is being broadcast on National Geographic in the New Year. The rushes looked incredible and I can't wait for you to see it.

Next up... a shoot in Scotland (and it's over my birthday, so whiskey all round!)