REVOLTING R&D with Atticist Theatre

Hey y'all,

Just a quick update - I'll be spending the next two weeks working with the incredible Atticist Theatre, who recently got nominated for a raft of Offies for their work on a superb production of East at The King's Head.

It's a new documentary theatre piece about a foundational moment in the Irish LGBT movement: the murders of three gay men - Charles Self, John Roche, and Declan Flynn - in Ireland in 1982 (when homosexuality was still illegal), and the aftermath of those murders in a period of immense social and political change in Ireland

REVOLTING offers an insight into a society on the edge of extraordinary change, and into the possibility (and power) of change through activism.​

So excited to work with some of my favourite people and hope you're having a brilliant March, too.

Ciao for now!