OVERHEARD at The Bunker Theatre

Join us for an evening of new writing with a twist: everything you hear has been overheard. Following a sell-out scratch, 'Overheard' comes to The Bunker Theatre with brand new verbatim conversations recorded out and about in London. A gender equal cast of eleven actors, (re)present the weird and wonderful characters of our capital in all their glory.

"Funniest play I've ever seen Overheard - astonishing performances & extraordinary true conversations overheard in #London" | @DrJaneMcNeill

The cast of 'Overheard' have been recording conversations while they go about their daily lives. Not people's private whisperings, but when it's impossible not to listen: Dom Joly style phone calls or bust-ups on silent buses - you know the type. They take those words verbatim, anonymise them, and bring them to life once more before your eyes. Sometimes, the context is changed - builders become Beauty Queens and schoolboys become MPs at the despatch box - but the words are always exactly the same.

"1: I can clean your nails for you tonight. it will be fun.

2: It doesn't sound like fun.

1: Like me more."

You'll never put your headphones in during a bus journey again.