Exciting adventures ahead

Keeping shtum about a couple of exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, but here's a couple of projects I've been working on:

1) Having a super time rehearsing Adam & Eve with Broken Silence Theatre... we're on soon, from 28th August-2nd September. Tickets here.

2) Loved doing The Winter's Tale again with The Hermes Experiment and it had a wonderful response and had a kind mention in this review: "Likewise, Christopher Adams excels as Camillo, also playing Mamillius, Antigonus and the Second Gentleman with skilful clarity, moving from child to man with confident flair."

3)Updated showreel here. Shortened sequences , tighter editing, new scenes. Under 2:45. YES.

4) Had a great time working again for MTJ Media in Oxford, producing a Language DVD for Oxford University Press. I last worked for them when I was a student, but this time, playing a zookeeper, involved working with children AND animals... and it went like a dream!

5) Signed up to some proper stage combat classes. Very excited about this. Medical roleplay sessions booked in September. Looking forward to update you about that one.

6) Ok, this is becoming a listicle. (Not a medical term).

7) Can't wait to let you know about these things coming up... it's an exciting time.