Some very exciting news... soon!

Summer's coming and I hope you've got some relaxing/exciting times ahead. I'm trying to take a week off before rehearsals begin for a project I'm delighted to be involved with, which has a four week run in June. Details will be forthcoming as soon as I can!

I'm also returning with The Winter's Tale in August as part of the Tête à Tête Festival, this time performing at RADA so it will fun to haunt those corridors again. Also can't wait to be back with those outstanding musicians.

After that, I'll be in another play with a company I've been working on and off with over the past couple of months. A very different role to the one in June and more new writing, too. Am really enjoying playing my part in helping to develop work.


I also had my first stint at directing after three years away from the chair (or edge of the table where I spend most of my time) as part of FAITH at Southwark Playhouse, produced by Little Pieces of Gold.

I loved working with Emer, Maggie and Marina - exploring the play collaboratively, getting deep into the characters and the drama. It helped me clarify my own process and I learnt a lot from my talented cast, too. Everything feeds into each other, from the casting, directing, teching - it gives you an insight into what it's like on the other side of the table and puts your own experiences into perspective.

Happy Thursday to you all,