Playing Othello... for the only time ever

Over February, I had the great pleasure of working with La Petite Vadrouille, on Shakespeare, As We Like It (French title is Shakespeare, Comme Il Vous Plaira). With a very quick rehearsal process, including a three day trip to a beautiful town called Senlis about 40 km north of Paris, it was a great experience. I had the opportunity to play snippets of Petruchio, Benedick, Romeo, The Nurse (!), Othello (!!), and even a bit of Hamlet.

Also had to switch into American when not doing the various bits of Shakespeare, so overall was a bit of a tongue twister, but delighted to have done it.

Doing a couple of short films in February - including a cocaine snorting Care Agency owner - and have some exciting auditions...

Hope life is good for you!