Upcoming shows...


Today is the US Election... so to take your mind of that, why not plan ahead to come and see some shows so you have something to look forward to if it all goes wrong...

I’m playing a Tory Special Advisor (!) in 1000 Polar Bears Land on a Beach in Kent as part of Little Pieces of Gold at the Southwark Playhouse on the 20th November at 7pm. This is a ten minute piece in a very well-respected night of new writing. Had a ball last time and we're back for more because it sold out.

Tickets here.

I’m also playing Camillo in The Winter’s Tale at the Cockpit on the 13th December at 7:30pm. It’s only an hour long with an award-winning opera director and contemporary classical Quartet, The Hermes Experiment.

Tickets here.


Trailer for The Winter's Tale