A Glut of News

My to do list has been showing my reminder to 'update blog' as overdue, the font getting redder and angrier every day - so it's time to tick if off. Somehow things become easier to put off as soon as you've put it off once...

I had a super-seaside time rehearsing for 'The Winter's Tale' in Aldeburgh with The Hermes Experiment. The company were brilliant - great actors, collaborators and very funny people = a good week.

I'm now in rehearsals for Genet's 'Deathwatch' (can't get enough of Genet!) at Studio Soho and recently performed in 'One Thousand Polar Bears Land on a Beach in Kent' as part of Little Pieces of Gold at the Southwark Playhouse.

Also, the gym has been calling me everyday so if the Summer beach body passed me by, then at least I can cover up my ripped torso (.... uh huh, yeah yeah...) in a big Winter coat.

Til next time.